Postbariatric Surgery

When Can I Have My Aesthetic (Postbariatric Surgery in Turkey) Surgery After Weight Loss?

With the increase in obesity surgeries in recent years, the problems that occur after excessive weight loss and the solution of these problems. plastic surgery operations, which are trying to cope with it, have also started to gain importance. Gastric sleeve surgeries, gastric bypass surgeries Obesity surgeries performed by General Surgery specialists, such as, have reached 20 thousand per year in Turkey. next It is estimated that these figures will reach around 30 thousand per year with the increase in health tourism in 5 years.

As it is known, bariatric surgery, in addition to rapid and effective weight loss in patients, causes many health problems such as insulin resistance and hypertension. also provides the solution. However, the solution of the sagging and deformations that occur in the body after these extreme weight losses is the basic principle of plastic surgery. It can be provided with postbariatric surgery in Turkey, which is one of the issues.

After obesity surgeries such as stomach reduction or gastric bypass, most of the weight loss is achieved in the first 6 months. However, this does not mean that you are ready for post-slimming recovery surgeries. As a basic principle; Having completed at least 1 year after bariatric surgery, and also reaching your target weight and staying at the same weight in the last 3 months. For example, you reached your target weight in the 9th month after weight loss surgery and remained at the same weight until the 12th month. You are now (in terms of timing) a good candidate for postbariatric surgery in Turkey.

Of course, everyone's weight loss rate is different. Another patient can reach their target weight at 18 months and remain stable for 3 months. After losing weight, that is, in the 21st month, it can be ready for the recovery of skin sagging. Of course this The algorithm we're talking about is just to evaluate the timing in terms of appropriateness. But postbariatric surgery There are other requirements to know if you are ready or not. We will talk about these conditions in another article. Contact us for Postbariatric Surgery in Turkey.