Op. Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu


Liposuction (fat removal) is the process of breaking down and removing regional fats in the body with the help of thin cannulas. Liposuction (fat removal) is not a weight loss method, but a body shaping method. It is a very effective technique for eliminating resistant regional lipoidosis that cannot be eliminated by diet and sports.




·         People with regional lipoidosis that cannot be eliminated by sports and diet are candidates for liposuction. Good skin elasticity is an advantage in terms of better liposuction results. In cases where skin elasticity is not sufficient, sagging and looseness of the skin are seen, other surgical procedures may be required in combination with liposuction. 



As with all operations, it is recommended that smokers stop smoking at least 2 weeks in advance before liposuction surgery. The patient should inform the doctor about the drugs he or she uses. In particular, blood thinners may need to be discontinued or rearranged before surgery. Similarly, if birth control drugs are used, the doctor should be informed about this. Before surgery, patients are usually dressed in compression socks. 



Although it varies depending on the region, it is an operation mostly performed under general anesthesia. First, specific solutions are injected into the adipose tissue in order to make the adipose tissue more easily degradable, reduce bleeding and prevent pain after surgery. 2-4 millimeter incisions are made near the fat area and the adipose tissue is broken down with special cannulas and taken out with the help of vacuum. Various different techniques can be used in this fat breaking process. In classic liposuction, fat is broken down only physically.



In laser liposuction, the heating and breaking of fats is achieved by laser energy, while in ultrasonic liposuction, the fat-destroying effect of ultrasound energy is used. In laser or ultrasonic liposuction, fat shredding is done in a separate stage. After this process, the shred and dissolved fat is taken out with the help of a vacuum. Cannula access points are sometimes closed by stitching, and sometimes drainage is provided by leaving them open to prevent fluid accumulation inside. Before the patient is awakened, the operation is completed by having the patient wear a corset on the operating table.



After operation, 1 night hospital stay is usually required. If liposuction is applied to a small area, the patient can also be discharged on the same day after surgery. It is normal that there is some leakage from the cannula access points. From day 2, this leak will decrease and end. From the day 4 or 5 on, the patient can return to his/her social life. It is recommended to use the corset worn on the operating table for 3-4 weeks to support the body and to recover the areas where liposuction is applied. It may take 4-6 months for the edema to fully recede and the body to take its final shape.