Op. Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu


Mentoplasty is a surgery performed to eliminate problems such as small chin, insufficient fullness, being behind the middle face or excessive length. This surgery is performed in order to optimize the shape of the chin, especially in terms of appearance. Slowing or excessively fast chin formation especially genetically or in growing age prevents the formation of a normal aesthetic chin. With this aesthetic intervention, the chin is achieved to the desired level.



             People that have an appearance disorder in their chin due to congenital or external factors

             People who are uncomfortable with their chin protruding long or backward are the best candidates for mentoplasty.



Again, as in many surgeries, it is recommended that smokers discontinue smoking at least 2 weeks in advance in mentoplasty surgery. The patient should inform the physician about the drugs (s)he uses. In particular, blood thinners should be discontinued or rearranged before surgery. If there are medications used regularly, they should also be discontinued in a controlled manner. It is usually necessary to stop eating at least 6 hours before surgery. Cosmetic products such as hair gel should not be used and if there is a piercing on the chin, it should be removed.



The bone tissue can be extended by cutting and taking forward, and shortened by removing excess bone tissue in between. In addition, an implant can be placed or fat filler can be applied  in the surgery. Procedures in mentoplasty are mostly performed under general anesthesia and through an incision made inside the mouth. Thanks to this method, which has proven successful results in many countries, there remains no scars or surgical scars that will distort the image from the outside.



After surgery, patients can usually be discharged on the same day. A liquid diet is recommended for 2-3 days after surgery. Care should be taken to comply with the diet program given during this diet. Due to the healing process of the chin, it is very difficult to chew solid foods and it can damage the patient's chin. Therefore, the diet should be continued as a liquid for a while. Patients can return to their social life after 1 week.