Op. Dr. Murat Diyarbakırlıoğlu


Eyelid aesthetics is an operation aimed at eliminating deformations, sagging and bagging that occur on the eyelids. Although it is usually needed after the age of 40, it may also be needed at an earlier age for structural and genetic reasons in some people. The upper eyelid is part of the upper face and forehead unit, and the lower eyelid is part of the middle face and its continuation. For this reason, eyelid surgeries can be combined with other facial rejuvenation surgeries in patients who are needed. As it can be performed together with procedures such as face lifting, eyebrow lifting and botox, it is preferred by many patients. 



·         Patients usually over 40 years of age with upper eyelid drooping and/or lower eyelid bagging

·         People who have problems around the eye due to external factors

·         Those who encounter these problems at a younger age for structural and genetic reasons are also candidates for this surgery.



As with all surgeries, smokers are recommended to quit smoking at least 2 weeks in advance. The patient should inform his/her doctor about the drugs (s)he is using. In particular, blood thinners may need to be discontinued or revised before surgery. At the same time, the use of eye drops and associated drugs should be stopped.



In upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made from the upper eyelid fold, removing excess skin and herniated excess fat. In lower eyelid surgery, fat that causes bagging are removed by entering just under the eyelashes. In some cases, an incision can be made inside the lid during lower eyelid surgery. The average duration of surgery is 1-1.5 hours. After the end of the operation, hospitalization procedures begin.



Patients can be discharged on the same day after surgery, or 1 day of hospitalization may be required. There may be swelling around the eyes and bruises in places. This condition ends within 1 week. Dikişlerin olduğu süreçte gözleri fazla yormamak önemlidir. Sutures are removed on days 5-7. It is necessary to look at the environment in a way that does not tire the eyes too much, and in addition, do not tire the eyes with sudden movements. The patient can return to his social life after 1 Week-10 days.