Breast lift in Turkey is a surgery to recover the sagging of the breasts due to aging, rapid weight loss or birth and breastfeeding.


- Those who lose weight in middle age and above
- People whose breast volume decreases after aging
- People whose breast volume has decreased as a result of breastfeeding are eligible candidates for this surgery.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

As with all operations, it is recommended that smokers stop smoking at least 2 weeks in advance before breast lift in Turkey surgery. The patient should inform his physician about the drugs she uses. In particular, blood thinners should be discontinued or rearranged before surgery. In this surgery, it is often combined with silicone prostheses in patients with volume deficiency. In other words, silicone prostheses are added to the erection in patients who cannot obtain sufficient fullness only by lifting.

PROCESS of the Breast Lift Surgery

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours on average. Just like breast reduction and breast augmentation surgeries, breast lift surgery is an operation remaining scar. Depending on the degree of breast sagging, this scar can only be around the nipple, extending from the nipple to the lower groove or in an inverted T shape extending to the lower groove of the breast in addition to these. Excess skin and some tissue resulting from the sagging in the surgery are removed. The nipple is moved to an upward position. Silicone prostheses are placed if used.


Patients are usually discharged the day after surgery. A supportive corset is worn immediately after the operation and this corset is used for 3-4 weeks. The patient can take a bath after the second day. From the days 3-4 on, the patient can return to work and social life with a corset. Swelling and bruises regress within 2 weeks. It is recommended to avoid heavy activities for 6 weeks.

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