Diabetes is a chronic, life-long disease but it can be taken under control. Diabetic foot wound describes the wounds on the feet due to this disease. In cases where blood sugar cannot be controlled or has an irregular course in diabetes, this high blood sugar causes some damages. The first of these is neuropathy, i.e. nerve damage in various parts of the body, and the second is vasculopathy, i.e. vascular damage. The vessel damage occurring disrupts the blood circulation of the skin. Nerve damage causes numbness as well as dryness by disrupting the natural moisturization of the skin. All these prepare the ground for the formation of wounds more easily in diabetic patients.

Our feet are one of the parts of our body that are most prone to trauma, bumps and accidents. Even shoe hitting in a diabetic patient can progress and cause wounds difficult to treat due to the numbness that occurs. Again, burn wounds caused due to numbness by putting a hot water bag to heat the feet that are cold are also quite common conditions we observe in diabetic patients.

diabetes wound diabetic foot wound

Here, along with this nerve and vascular damage, the triggering of an external factor usually causes difficult, problematic wounds on the feet of diabetic patients. We call all these wounds diabetic foot wounds.


Among diabetic wounds, the most feared complication in the society is limb loss. Unfortunately, in wounds that are delayed for treatment, not well cared for, and not treated correctly, finger, foot and even leg loss at various levels may occur in further stages. However, scientific studies show that many of these limb losses can be prevented with early intervention, good wound care and timely and correct treatment.